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Methylation Sequencing on the UG 100™

Epigenetic modifications, like DNA methylation, play a key role in gene expression regulation and other important cellular processes. Unfortunately many studies to date have had to make a trade-off between sequencing more samples or sequencing more of the genome.

The UG 100™ provides an economical way to do both, with large scale genome-wide methylation studies at scale.

  • Detect tens of millions of CpG sites per sample with accuracy comparable to legacy approaches
  • Compatibility with standard analysis tools
  • Genome-wide methylation profiling from cfDNA
  • Compatibility with multiple sample prep methods, including EM-seq and bisulfite conversion
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Read how our collaborator Mike Snyder is using methylation sequencing to reveal trajectories in precancerous polyps to early colorectal adenocarcinoma.

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Application Note

Learn how to perform genome wide DNA methylation profiling using the Ultima UG 100

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Check out our whole genome methylation standard reference GIAB dataset.

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Learn how high-depth colorectal cancer whole genome methylation sequencing can reveal trajectories in disease progression.

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