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Join us at Festival of Genomics Boston!

See how the UG 100™ is being used to enable the applications of today and tomorrow.

Festival of Genomics 2024 | Boston, MA | June 12 - 13

Visit us in Booth #72 to learn how our customers are using genomics at scale enabled by the UG 100™ to deploy a variety of applications.



DAY 1 | Wednesday, June 12 |

Deeper Dive on Single-Cell Applications of Ultima Technologies

Wed, June 12 | 2:20PM - 2:50PM EST | Main Stage & Keynotes

Aziz Al'Khafaji, Associate Director, Methods Development Lab

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

In this session:

  • Single-cell genomics methods are rapidly expanding due to the high demand set by experiments with more cells, analytes, and perturbations.
  • In this talk I’ll showcase the latest single cell applications of Ultima technologies and how they’re supporting the expansion and scaling up of single cell genomics.
  • I’ll cover the new opportunities this brings researchers and the challenges that still need to be considered.

High Accuracy Somatic Variant Calling on Ultima Genomics Facilitates Detailed Phylogenetic Reconstruction Across Metastatic Tumor Samples

Wed, June 12 | 3:20PM - 3:50PM EST | Main Stage & Keynotes

Julian Hess, Computational Scientist

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

In this session:

  • Developed and rigorously benchmarked a highly sensitive and specific somatic mutation detection pipeline to work with Ultima sequencing data whose somatic variant calling performance is comparable or better than other sequencing technologies.
  • Performed Ultima WGS on 303 cancer rapid autopsy samples across 32 patients, and constructed phylogenetic trees charting their clonal evolution.
  • We demonstrate trees generated from Ultima WGS data are more detailed than ones generated from whole exome replicates, revealing novel insights into cancer evolution, and illustrating the importance of WGS for cancer genomics.


DAY 1 | Wednesday, June 12 |

Introducing a New Era: Part Per Million Detection Accuracy with ppmSeq™

Wed, June 12 | 2:50PM - 3:05PM EST | Main Stage & Keynotes

Mirna Jarosz, VP Product Strategy

Ultima Genomics

In this session:

  • Discover how ppmSeq can detect part-per-million raw read error rates, or Q60 precision, for SNVs.
  • Combine extreme, industry leading SNV accuracy with sequencing at scale to reach unprecedented resolution.
  • Learn how to run the ppmSeq™ workflow and how it differs from traditional duplex methodologies.
  • Explore application areas of interest such as liquid biopsy, MRD, somatic mosaicism and other emerging applications.

Automated Miniaturized Joint Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing of Single Cells at Scale

Wed, June 12 | 3:05PM - 3:20PM EST | Main Stage & Keynotes

Dennis Yuan, Postdoctoral Fellow

New York Genome Center

In this session:

  • Automate and miniaturize whole genome amplification and whole transcriptome capture of single cells for increased throughput.
  • Reduce sequencing costs of single-cell whole genome libraries with Ultima Genomics.
  • Lineage tracing using somatic mutations accumulated throughout entire genome retraces evolutionary of epithelial cells in aging human esophagus.
  • Linking phenotypes of single-cells deciphers heritable transcriptional programs that lead to clonal fitness.


DAY 1 | Wednesday, June 12 | 6:00PM - 9:00PM EST

Come by our booth to snag an invitation to our complimentary happy hour at M.J. O'Connor's Seaport, just steps away from the convention center.


Interested to learn more about Ultima Genomics?

We will be meeting partners throughout the conference to discuss their high-throughput applications and sequencing needs.

Email sales@ultimagenomics.com to request a meeting.

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