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Ultima Genomics
Meet us at AGBT 2022

Unleashing the power of genomics at scale

Ready for a revolution? Ultima Genomics is unleashing the power of genomics at scale with the introduction of the UG 100™—our new ultra-high-throughput
platform that delivers on the $100 genome from the beginning.

Visit us at the Vesey Suite and find out how we’re empowering the future of
human health and creating the next phase of genomics.



Wednesday, June 8 | 12:00 – 1:00pm | Bonnet Creek Ballroom Salon I-VI

Welcome & Introduction
Gilad Almogy, CEO and Co-Founder, Ultima Genomics

Enabling genomic analysis at scale: applications and collaborations
Doron Lipson, CSO, Ultima Genomics

An evaluation of the Ultima Genomics sequencing platform: high-throughput sequencing at low-cost
Stacey Gabriel, Broad Institute

Mapping the genetic landscape of complex cellular phenotypes with genome-scale Perturb-Seq
Reuben Saunders, Whitehead Institute

Generating 3D maps of the human genome at basepair resolution using the Ultima genomics platform reveals principles of enhancer-promoter wiring
Erez Lieberman Aiden, Baylor College of Medicine


Wednesday, June 8
7:50 – 8:10 pm | Bonnet Creek Ballroom Salon I-VI
“Analytical evaluation of clinical whole genome sequencing with a highly novel, vastly cheaper DNA sequencing-by-synthesis technology”
Pengfei Liu, Baylor College of Medicine

Thursday, June 9
2:30 – 2:50pm | Floridian Ballroom Salon A-L
“Novel large-scale sequencing platform using mostly natural sequencing-by-synthesis”
Gilad Almogy, Ultima Genomics


201 - Optimizing the GATK for the Ultima Genomics sequencing platform: an evaluation of 200 whole genome HapMap samples
Megan Shand, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
542 - An evaluation of the Ultima Genomics sequencing platform: Scalable, high-throughput sequencing alternative for low-cost whole genome sequencing
Matthew Coole & Tom Howd, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
507 - Successful application of mostly natural sequencing-by-synthesis to single cell RNA-seq
Gila Lithwick Yanai, Joshua Levin, et al., Ultima Genomics & The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
568 - Efficient whole-genome methylation sequencing using mostly-natural SBS reveals evolution of methylation patterns associated with development of colorectal cancer
Zohar Shipony, Michael Snyder et al., Ultima Genomics & Stanford University

111 Low-cost WGS-based detection and monitoring of circulating tumor DNA using mostly natural sequencing-by-synthesis
Itai Rusinek, Nitzen Rosenfeld et al., Ultima Genomics & Cancer Research UK


Tuesday, June 7 | 9:30 pm | Vesey Suite

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