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AGBT General Meeting 2022

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Cost-efficient whole genome-sequencing using novel mostly natural sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry and open fluidics platform

bioRxiv | Almogy et al.


Mapping information-rich genotype-phenotype landscapes with genome-scale Perturb-seq

Cell | Replogle et al.


Single cell RNA-seq by mostly-natural sequencing by synthesis

bioRxiv | Simmons et al.


Ultra high-throughput whole-genome methylation sequencing reveals trajectories in precancerous polyps to early colorectal adenocarcinoma

bioRxiv | Lee et al.

White Paper

Adapting Google DeepVariant to Ultima Genomics reads for improved variant calling

App Note

Transcriptome profiling using the Ultima Genomics UG 100™ Sequencer

App Note

Enabling single cell RNA-seq at scale on the Ultima Genomics UG 100™ Sequencer

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Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling using the Ultima Genomics UG 100™ Sequencer


Successful application of mostly-natural sequencing by synthesis to single cell RNA-seq


High-depth colorectal cancer whole genome methylation sequencing using a novel sequencing method reveals trajectories in disease progression


Detection and monitoring of circulating tumor DNA using affordable high depth whole genome sequencing on a new sequencing platform


Standard reference Genome-in-a-Bottle (GIAB) samples HG001-HG007

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